NIU Wushu Kung Fu Academy

Irvine, CA

NIU Wushu & Kung Fu Academy, located in Irvine, California, has been operating since 2012. We are dedicated to teach and train authentic Chinese martial arts to people in all ages.  NIU Academy emphasizes on developing instinct and intention to reach perfect timing and precision when executing techniques.  As Master Niu has often stated, "Learn how to have your mind to lead your body movements, do not let your body lead your mind.".  NIU Academy teaches superior and practical Kung Fu techniques that students are able to defense themselves in any situation, and will help students to reach their full development both physically and mentally.

We offers a wide variety of classes to suit a number of individuals.  Classes include:
Adult Kung Fu,  Youth Wushu,  Tai Chi,  Self-Defense & San Shou Fighting,   Traditional Wushu Kung Fu, and Chinese Short Weapon Fencing.


"Excellent Wushu and Kung Fu program! The program consists of a nice balance of basics and forms training, weapons (swords and staff), and self-defense/sparring activities. Power and precision are emphasized in the basics and forms training. The sparring and self-defense activities are conducted with protective gear in a safe environment. Master Niu and instructors assist each student to achieve their goals of progressing through sash levels. In addition to this class curriculum, Master Niu goes above and beyond to provide training for students that desire to participate in local and international tournaments. We are most impressed with the instructor's level of expertise, dedication, and ability to motivate and inspire the students.

Our son has participated in this program for over two years, and we are thrilled to see the positive impact it has had on him, both physically and mentally. Physically, he has become more fit, strong and precise. We notice this in wushu, but also in his other athletic endeavors and in his daily life. Mentally, he has become more disciplined and aware of his surroundings. We are pleased to see the invaluable confidence and mental focus our son has obtained through participating in the sash tests and tournaments. We also appreciate the exposure the program has brought to our family of the beauty of the Chinese culture. We highly recommend this program to others! "

    - Monica Wong

這是個很棒的武術/功夫課程! 課程兼顧了基礎訓練、功架訓練、傳統武器(刀、 槍、劍、棍), 防身術/對打練習。在基礎練習和功架訓練時, 很重視力量和精確度。在對打和防身課程方面則是穿戴護具練習。牛老師協助每個學生設定並達成自我目標, 以促使學生進步。這和一般的快速腰帶升階制不同, 因為它提供了更好的學習經驗。除課程外, 老師他還給予了額外的訓練機會, 讓有意參加地方性、全國性, 甚至國際競賽的學生能夠練習。牛老師總是樂於提供他專業的知識、認真、監督、勤奮和能力來鼓勵學生。我們的兒子參加此課程已經兩年了, 我們很高興能看到他在身心方面都受到正面的影響。生理上, 他變得越來越健康、強壯、精確。我們注意到, 這影響不只是在武術方面而已, 在其他體育項目, 甚至日常生活中也都有助益。心理上, 他也變得更守規矩, 更會注意周遭環境。真的很開心能看到我們的兒子在參加升階考試, 或競賽時表現出的無比信心, 以及心神專注。同時, 我們也很感謝這課程讓我們一家體驗到的中華文化之美。